A massive thanks to Dave Ripley Photography for the great race & event photos366E16AC-0CBC-4750-AF29-38A498198FECLet’s get Darwen Running!

Darwen Running Group offers an amazing support network for runners of all abilities to meet regularly and take on new challenges.

In conjunction with RUN ENGLAND, Darwen Running Group offers runs for everyone from beginners to those wishing to increase their distances and endurance. Meeting each week with runs starting from the Top Car Park, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy all runs are coordinated by our experienced Run Leaders.

The Darwen Running Group (DRG) continues to support groups from Couch to 5K (C25K) all the way to those completing in ultra-marathons. We are a friendly group always looking for new recruits and base our weekly runs on our audience – there is always something for everyone!

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Step up to 10k

By |May 13th, 2016|

If you have completed the couch to 5k and feel like pushing yourself a little further why don’t you join in one of our groups? The next one is on Saturday morning from DARWEN LEISURE […]

Beginners – 17th January

By |May 12th, 2016|

The new beginners/ start back running group as supplied supported by Darwen Running Group will commence on 17th January….Get Darwen Running. A 10 week course which will explain the basics of running,focusing on breathing techniques, […]

After seeing how unfit i was , I decided to do something about it . So knowing my friend ran I decided to join and boy was I nervous for the next few days prior to running. Well the night arrived and we all met at the academy all shapes and sizes and all dressed in what gear we had long shorts , old trainers and t-shirts unsure of what adventure was to come.
I’m so happy and glad that I took that first step and that I was able to join such a supportive group.
Trust me try it as when you complete your first 5k you feel so proud and emotional and to see all your fellow runners cross that line is amazing.
Such a friendly, happy group so glad I joined :)
Lovely bunch of supportive friendly people , I’ve no regrets that I went along June 2014 and made so many friends along the way
I saw an old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a year and she was beaming ear to ear, her whole outlook had changed and she was happier than I’d ever know her to be .. I mentioned she had lost weight and she started telling me she had started running.
Christmas came and went and I decided I needed to join the gym as I was turning 40 this year and feeling it! ..
I didn’t luckily as another friend mentioned she had joined a running group.. I asked if I could tag along and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back.
It was nerve wracking turning up ‘what if I can’t do it , I’ve never ran before in my life?’ .
There were 30 or so people who were out of their comfort zones. And we all just got along as we quickly learned we were in the same boat!! Everyone at Darwen running group made the effort to welcome me and have continued to support me and I have got some of my other friends involved as they noticed a change in my outlook.
Joining DRG is one of the best things in ever done and I’m really grateful to everyone involved for helping me learn to run :)
Fantastic, friendly and supportive group, can’t recommend DRG enough, there is something for everyone and everyone is catered for and welcomed, amazing group, thank you for all the support offered to runners of all levels
One of the main reasons I joined darwen running group was because of my mother, every night she came home from running she was so pleased with her self on how well she had done and how hard she had tried to do a long distance run and since then I started getting a little jealous, so then I decided to join. I started having a lot of fun and getting healthy with a bunch of new people I had never met before and how kind they where and cheering everyone on. It made me feel really happy and a place that I like to be.
If it was easy the streets would be full of runners but it’s far from easy, it takes dedication motivation and determination. If you can conquer those three your a runner at what ever speed your still a runner . From there DRG is the way to keep what you’ve achieved with ongoing support from all of them
I joined Darwen running group not only to improve my fitness but as a way of meeting new people. I have struggled along the way but with the support of the beginners and members already I smashed my 5k and I could have cried when everyone was at the finish cheering me on. Have made some fantastic friends and would recommend to all to come and join.